An international RRT has been initiated in 2008 by the EN-CORE network together with fibTG9.3. It comprises tensile testing of FRP (bars & strips) and FRP-concrete bond testing (EBR & NSM), 8 FRP suppliers and 10 laboratories.

The work is coordinated by UGent - Magnel Laboratory for Concrete Research.

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fibT5.1 meeting @ Krakow

Invitation /// The spring 2019 meeting of fibT5.1 is taking place at Krakow on 24-25 May 2019, in conjunction with the fib Symposium.

New intranet for fibT5.1

Announcement /// To ease the work in the task group it has been decided to shift to a new working environment. This will require members to establish new credentials to login to the new intranet. Instructions are provided here.