FRPexamplesThe use of fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) as structural reinforcement gains more and more interest in construction practice world-wide.These FRP materials are advanced composites made of continuous non-metallic fibres with high strength and stiffness embedded in a resin matrix. Due to excellent properties such as eg. high strength, low weight and non susceptibility to galvanic corrosion, these FRP materials can be used for new structures (reinforced and prestressed concrete) as well as for the rehabilitation of existing structures (external FRP reinforcement bonding, FRP external post-tensioning, near surface mounted FRP reinforcement, textile reinforced mortar).

Continuing efforts in material development and research activities, with strong links to engineering practice, make FRP reinforcement where it stands today: a viable alternative to classical types of reinforcement, offering many potentials. Extensive research on the use of FRP in concrete structures started in Europe about 30 years ago and resulted, for example, in the world's first highway bridge using FRP post-tensioning cables in Germany in 1986. Clearly, a long way has been gone from these first applications and still much is to be done to stimulate the implementation and use of structural FRP reinforcement.

fibT5.1 meeting @ Krakow

Invitation /// The spring 2019 meeting of fibT5.1 is taking place at Krakow on 24-25 May 2019, in conjunction with the fib Symposium.

New intranet for fibT5.1

Announcement /// To ease the work in the task group it has been decided to shift to a new working environment. This will require members to establish new credentials to login to the new intranet. Instructions are provided here.